28 July 2011

Sudocrem - Summer Essential

Ladies (and gents) when packing all your lotions and potions this summer, make sure to include a pot or tube of multi-purpose sudocrem.

One thin layer of this magic could save you from that nasty heat-rash, and more importantly, repair your skin to its natural suppleness after a long day on those sun loungers!!

The new miniature sized tube is perfect for your hand (or man) bag this summer!!

This versatile cream is excellent for any spots and blemishes that decide to camp out on your face. Smoothing a thin layer on problem areas before bed, you are guaranteed improvements by the morning! This overnight remedy is perfect for irritated skin.

Lots of us are shopping for fashionable wellies for the upcoming festivals, festival essentials: shorts, wellies, babywipes and....sudocream. Grab a tube today and make sure you’re covered for any situation this summer!  

Sudocrem, handbag essential

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