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21st Feb 2011:

There’s been talk in the tabloids about fake boobs and how celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian, Kimberly Stewart and Heidi Montag have regretted their decision to go under the knife to boost their bazookas and opt for au natural.

Victoria Beckham, Heidi Montag and Katie Price

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14th Feb 2011:

The BAFTA's have left us with plenty of fashion envy - as well as a few needed calls for the fashion police - and with the typical British weather pouring down on celeb royalty you had to feel just a little sorry for the fashionistas getting their hundred thousand pound dresses damp. Poor Emma Watson reportedly got bashed in the head with an umbrella...

Meredith Ostrom

If anything has stuck out to us though, it had to be what Meredith Ostrom was wearing. Or rather wasn't wearing. With the likes of Jessica Alba, Thandie Newton and Gemma Arterton all looking absolutely gorgeous in classic red carpet sophistication this home-made-esque monstrosity rather stuck out.

We don't seem to have the masses behind us though, with many of the celeb blogs out there stating her on the well dressed list! What do you think girls, is this bang on trend or well off the mark for a BAFTA's event?

We might have to dub this the Marmite Dress...
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