21 February 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that 2 Kit Kat fingers cost you only 110 of your daily calorie in take?

We dread to think how many calories are in the cake above, but it's making our mouth water...

We want your videos!

We’ve been getting some videos sent in from our fans – and we LOVE them! If you’re a fan of 2 Love My Lips why not send us in a video? It can be a review, something funny or anything else you can come up with!

We’re keen to see some lip art featuring our glosses too – and are going to give it a go ourselves some time soon.

If you’ve got anything to send it, video or otherwise, just email us using the details on the contact us page!

16 February 2011

New Willy Wednesday

Willy Wednesday has been updated - and it's not as easy as the first one! Comment below if you think you know who it is! And of course, feel free to state your opinion, too...

15 February 2011

Check out our Digital Booklet - an introduction to 2 Love My Lips.

14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope you're all having a nice day - whether you're spending the night with your man, happen to meet Mr Right later or are just feeling the love with your girlies!

If you are out tonight - please take care and be sure to keep an eye on your drinks. Don't leave anything on the bar unattended and if you do - DON'T DRINK IT!

Lots of luuuuurve,

2 Love My Lips x x x

PS: Here are some cute valentines lip art pics - it is valentines day after all!

Mouthy Monday

We've given our (rather brutal) opinion on some of the dresses on show at this years BAFTAs. It'd nice to see that Britain is still producing so many excellent actors and of course showing that famous stiff upper lip towards the miserable weather that bashed down on London this weekend.

Check out the Mouthy Monday tab for the mini article - and tell us your opinion on THAT dress...!

Bitch or Ditch Tuesday

Our first Bitch or Ditch email has been published - we've given our opinion and now we want yours! Do you agree? Or do you think we're too forgiving? Have you got a story you want us to give the verdict on? Send us an email and we may feature it soon!

Please be respectful in comments - you can be honest - but not rude!

10 February 2011

Coming soon...

You may have noticed some (dramatic) changes in how our blog looks recently – please bare with us while we work on the finishing touches to our brand new look blog! We’ve got a LOT of things to look forward to in 2011 and our brand spanking new website and blog are just the start of things to come!

Watch this space for more new coming soon!

Love from all at 2 Love My Lips HQ x