Survival Sunday

In Survival Sunday, we want to hear about your cheeky antics from the night before. What did you get up to? What were the highlights? Who did you meet? Did it lead to any embarrassing stories? We want to hear them all.

Come on ladies, dish the dirt!

Hi guys,
Went on a first date the other week with a really cute guy. All went so well until my trip to the bathroom. Checked my teeth for lipstick, made sure I didn’t have panda eyes, fresh breath, re-sprayed, removed the toilet paper stuck to my shoe, but what I forgot to check was whether my dress was tucked into my knickers…error! Bumcheek out and everything. Must have made an impression, he took me out again. Wohoo!
Love sweetcheeks

Just getting back from a few cheeky bevis with my boyfriend of 6 months, we decided to go back to his because he had an empty house. We start teasing each other in the taxi home and end up being rather rude as soon as we step foot through the door. The living room door swings open and my boyfriend’s flatmates parents walk out as we’re stood in an extremely compromising position. Mortified is not the word, I tried to get away as quick as poss but struggled as my knickers were around my ankles.

Walking home after a fab night with my girls, me and my best mate stop to take off our stilettos and as I’m leaning on a gate, I slowly feel myself falling backwards. I landed head first in a bed of flowers while my legs are in the air and my flower is on show! Best mate found it hilarious before helping me up, a story I will not live down and what makes it worse, I was sober!
Love flower power


Hi all,
I was in one of those pretentious bars where everyone looks like a WAG and stands around pouting at each other. Feeling uncomfortable in the those situations anyway, I set foot in this place where you walk through draped curtains and gorgeous women greet you. Not being prepared for this, the hostess/waitress made me jump, having flapped my arms, I knocked the tray of drinks and split them all over her and myself. Talk about making and entrance, everyone looked round while I was stood looking like a drowned rat. Needless to say I waited a while before heading back.
Clumsy Kate from Liverpool.

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