21 April 2010


That’s right girls – we’ve set aside stock for a massive 50% off sale!
There are 400 glosses to be snapped up for HALF PRICE online!
No codes, no strings, just super quality lip gloss for a ridiculous £5!

If you’ve not yet tried our glosses this is the perfect time to do so – we’ve been getting so much feedback from girls saying they can’t get over the fantastic quality.
Trust us – you won’t be disappointed!Remember - you can Look Gorgeous AND Stay In Control!http://www.2lovemylips.com/

19 April 2010


2 Love My Lips are always on the lookout for fellow companies that are working hard to tackle drink spiking and promote safety – and we’ve really hit the jackpot with Spikey®!

Spikey® is the little gadget that helps prevent your drink from being spiked when you’re out enjoying yourself. This brightly coloured little bottle stopper is pushed straight into your Alco-pop bottle when you receive your drinks from the bar. In each Spikey® there is a tight opening which you push your drinking straw though so you can enjoy your drink with confidence.

Once Spikey® is in your bottle - it isn’t coming out again! The unique design creates a tight seal that stops pills, powers and liquids being put into your drink without you knowing. Each brightly coloured Spikey® reacts to UV light so your bottle is easily seen to be protected while at the same time looking fun!

“Once inserted into the neck of a bottle Spikey® cannot be easily removed, creating a seal that helps stop pills and illicit substances being slipped into the drink. A hole in the top of the device is just big enough for a straw to pass through - again the straw cannot be easily tampered with.” Spikey® Website

You can buy Spikey® in small packs for personal use as well as in larger bowls and dispensers for clubs, bars or events. They’re available in stores as well as directly though their website.

For more information check out http://www.spikey.co.uk/

15 April 2010

2 Love My Lips are jet setting across the globe!

Our lip gloss range is now available in the on flight catalogue with Monarch and Thomas Cook flights so you can grab hold of some super high quality lip gloss as well as the drug test strips that come with each gloss.

Perfect for hen weekends or if you’re on a girly holiday in the sun - the cocktails will likely be flowing, so you can look gorgeous & stay in control while out on the town with 2 Love My Lips lip glosses.

We’re meeting with a selection of other flight companies to discuss having the range put in as many other on flight shopping mags as possible so keep your eyes out for our names on the planes!

6 April 2010

Our lip gloss impresses dancing on Ice winner Hayley Tamaddon

As many of you will be aware this years 2010 Dancing on Ice champion was Hayley Tamaddon, who has been celebrating her accomplishments on the ice this week. As a favourite to win from early on in the competition, Hayley continued to wow the audience and judges alike each week with anything from jaw dropping fast moves to flying over the ice.

Hayley tried, tested and discussed 2 Love My Lips with our founder Tracy last year when we first launched our lip gloss. Impressed with the combination of safety and beauty Hayley favoured our Charismatic Cherry gloss the most!

1 April 2010

Road shows

We're enjoying travelling around to sell our lip gloss face to face - we get to meet our customers and hear what you think! As usual the beautiful pink is a best seller but there's been a massive increase in charasmatic cherry - we had very few cherry left by the time we left!

If you'd like us to visit your place of work or event please drop us a line via our website. We're happy to travel and can discuss exclusive discounts for your event if needed. Look Gorgeous and Stay In Control with 2 Love My Lips!