21 April 2010


That’s right girls – we’ve set aside stock for a massive 50% off sale!
There are 400 glosses to be snapped up for HALF PRICE online!
No codes, no strings, just super quality lip gloss for a ridiculous £5!

If you’ve not yet tried our glosses this is the perfect time to do so – we’ve been getting so much feedback from girls saying they can’t get over the fantastic quality.
Trust us – you won’t be disappointed!Remember - you can Look Gorgeous AND Stay In Control!http://www.2lovemylips.com/


  1. Having a contest on my blog is you're interested.


    xox Laura Beth

  2. Thanks for letting us know, Laura! We have followed your blog :)

  3. hello, reading some reviews online about your product it's getting me confused. some sites say that the lipstick itself is a spike detector so when you drinking if there is any drug your lips turn blue but accordingly to your site only the paper kit you provide is a spike detector and therefore has nothing to do with the lipstick itself.could you please clarify how it's actually work? cheers


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